It’s the holiday season, which also means that it’s time to begin giving gifts to people you care about.  The cool thing about giving gifts is that you can personalize it for the recipient.  This post will cover gift ideas for the person in your life who loves finance.  


A good book about finances is always a welcomed gift.  It is something that the recipient can refer to over and over again.  Also, something that can pass on in the future to someone else interested in finance.


Everyone likes a good film.  So one that is entertaining but also ties in financial lessons will be great for someone who loves finance.  My favorite financial film to be released this year is The Big Short.  This movie explores issues related to the housing market that led to the 2008 financial crisis.

Pay a Bill

Paying a bill can be an amazing gift to give someone.  Now by suggesting to pay a bill, I don’t mean anything extravagant, like a $2,000 mortgage.  I mean something thoughtful to let the other person know you thought about them.  An example is a friend who spent $80 to have a cleaning lady come out to clean her friend's house. Simple, but it meant a lot to the mother who had to skip a few cleanings due to a tight budget.


Magazines are an excellent way to keep up on the financial news that is coming out.  Most magazines offer reduced subscription fees that make it attractive to become a subscriber.  If you look inside of most magazines, you will find a small card that can be filled out to start a subscription.  The ease of signing up and low cost make this a great gift to give.  Some magazines to consider giving for someone interested in finance are Kiplinger, Money, and Forbes.

Subscription Service

Subscription services allow you to get more of the things you want at reduced cost.  Find out what the person is interested in, such as films, books, or music.  Some of the notable subscription services include Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited, Netflix or Apple Music.

Financial Games

One of the most popular financial games has to be Monopoly.  It's great to play with friends and family, and everyone has a great time.  But there are also important lessons to learn in Monopoly such as managing your money and assets.  Many other financial games teach similar or varying concepts as well.

Decorative Items

Lots of items to pick from in the decorative gift category.  Mugs, shirts, bookends, ties, etc.  

Gift Cards

Everyone loves a good gift card.  Especially if it is a place they already intended to go.  When in doubt this is a fantastic option to give to someone.  The cool thing about giving gift cards is that you now have cool sites that sell them at a discount or buy them back if you do not plan to use them.  A few of the sites where you can conduct such transactions include Carpool, Gift Card Granny, and Raise.

Charitable Contribution

Lots of people have causes or organizations that they care about, which makes a charitable contribution an excellent option.  It shows that you not only care about the person who you donate on behalf of, but that you also care about the things that matter in their life.


A nice piggy bank is a great way to keep track of extra cash.  An electronic bank takes the guess work out of how much is being saved.  It can be a great tool if you set goals based on saving change or extra funds.

Conference or Seminar on Finances

Most people who are interested in Finance look for events that will advance their knowledge.  A reasonably priced conference, seminar or even webinar would be a great gift to receive.

Lotto Ticket

You may or may not like the lottery; that's fine.  A lot of people do.  Giving lottery tickets has become a popular gift and lots of people enjoy receiving these.

Financial Tools

A financial tool is something that helps an individual stay on top of their finances.  Some things you could give include a budget book, expense tracker of savings planner.

Time with an Advisor

Being able to speak to a financial planner can be a nice catalyst toward reaching financial goals.  A lot of planners offer hourly or monthly rates.  Imagine how grateful someone would be if you got them this as a gift.

Actual Investments

It is possible to gift shares from your portfolio to someone. Certain rules and implications apply.  If you go through your investment company they will typically require written instructions detailing what should be gifted.  You even have companies like Give A Share that have been set up to sell single shares of stock as gifts.